Property Controls in China

According to a newsletter written by Adam Roseman of ARC Investment Partners, China’s banking regulator claims the country’s lenders are capable of dealing with a 50% fall in property prices. Liu Mingkang of the China Banking Regulatory Commission confirmed that the regulator had performed the necessary tests on domestic banks.

“The stress tests do not reflect the CBRC’s view about the property market’s direction, but the results should strengthen the confidence of all banks in implementing the property controls,” Mr. Liu stated in an interview.

Though few predict such a dramatic plunge in pricing, costs have begun to decrease slowly in the major cities. As a result, many have criticized Beijing’s tightening policies.

FTA Agreement and ARC Investment Partners

China’s first ever bilateral FTA with a Central American country.  Such agreements are always advantageous for foreign investors, such as Adam Roseman of ARC Investment Partners who has been investing in the region for many years.

According to an article in China Briefing it is hoped that this agreement will assist in “strengthen[ing] mutual trading ties and bring about significant increases in business opportunities.”  Parts of this agreement will provide the opportunity for more than 60 percent of the countries’ products “enter each other’s market duty-free immediately, and will allow tariffs to be removed from another 30 percent of products gradually in the next 5 to 15 years.”

The primary exports from China that will most benefit from this agreement will be: automobiles, chemical products, electrical appliances, fruits, leather, machines, and raw fur.

Big Chinese Investment Plans

According to a recent article in Bloomberg, Chinese venture Nissan Motor Company has plans to make a $7.8bn investment in the next four years “to gain market share as economic growth boosts demand in the world’s largest auto market.”

The goal of the Chinese motor company Dongfeng Motor Co. is to raise its yearly sales of vehicles to over 2.3m within the next five years.  Currently its sales figures are up to 1.3m but with the rise it is expected to enjoy from the number of dealerships in China of 1, 000, things are really looking up.

Indeed, such news like this is great for long-time foreign investors in China such as Adam Roseman of ARC Investment Partners.  Roseman has been making big investments in the country – a wise business decision given China’s attractive environment.

In addition, Carlos Ghosn, Nissan’s CEO, is “counting on growth in China to help make Nissan Japan’s most profitable carmaker for the first time since at least 1992, is aiming to boost its China market share to about 10 percent by 2015, from its current 6.2 percent.”   As well, Hong Kong-based analyst at Mitsubishi UFJ Asset Management, Ricon Xia pointed out how “the Chinese market will play a much more important role for Nissan in the future, as it has potential like no other.”

Adam Roseman and China Investments

Adam Roseman, founder and CEO of ARC Investment Partners, knows a thing or two about China, its economy and making money on investments in the country.  There are definitely some tremendous investing opportunities in China according to Adam Roseman.  ARC Investment Partners has been doing just that since 2005.  But there are also – it appears – great possibilities for Chinese investors elsewhere.  Indeed, just yesterday, there was a news report of 27 Chinese setting out to explore new investment options outside of the country.  The delegation went on a “fact finding mission” together with the Fiji/China Business Council and Sir James Ah Koy (the ex-Fiji Ambassador to China, Patron of the Council).
Apparently these investors are quite well-to-do and are looking at a broad spectrum of Fiji investment opportunities, such as imports, exports, retail and manufacturing sector and more.

Joshua Kurtzig Joins ARC China

ARC China, the investment firm, was recently pleased to announce the appointment of Joshua Kurtzig as a Managing Director for the company. He joins over 30 professionals working throughout China as the new head of the company’s Beijing Office.

“I’m very pleased and excited to join ARC China and look forward to continuing the firm’s tradition of successful investing in China, ” Kurtzig explained. “I was particularly drawn to ARC China’s expertise and proven track record in finding, investing in, and exiting from investments in fast=growing sectors of China’s economy.”

Arc China’s Founder and Managing Director Adam Roseman stated that the company is “delighted to have Josh join ARC China. He brings a wealth of China investment experience, as well as global financial expertise, and will make a valuable addition to our team.”

Adam Roseman with NASCAR

This is a photo of Adam Roseman, CEO of ARC China, at the California Speedway in Fontana. He took part in a race as part of a day organized to help create a deal for a client.

Gene Shows Promise in Reducing Risk of Heart Diseases

Researchers from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center have been studying a plaque-fighting gene for the past 18 years. Lab mice, bred to model clogged arteries, were recently injected with the gene. The results, as announced by Cedars-Sinai, showed that the transfer helped reduce and stabilize plaque formation, as well as decreased inflammation- two main factors in reducing the risk of heart diseases.

The apolipoprotein A-I Milano gene was discovered in 1992 in a small number of Italians, and has been studied by P.K. Shah, M.D., the director of the Division of Cardiology and the Oppenheimer Atherosclerosis Research Center, ever since. He and his co-workers presented their findings in a presentation titled “Favorable Modulation of Atherosclerosis and Monocyte Phenotype by Intravenous AAV 8 Mediated Apo A-I Milano Gene Transfer in Mice”.

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where Adam Roseman is a member of the board, is an organization which works to provide high quality healthcare as well as to conduct state-of-the-art medical research.

Discovering for Life: The Campaign for Cedars-Sinai

“Discovering for Life: The Campaign for Cedars-Sinai” is a fundraising venture of Cedars-Sinai, an organization where Adam Roseman is a member of the board. This organization works to deliver high- quality patient care, train new doctors and healthcare providers, and discover new treatments through intense research. The five-year campaign came to an end recently, with a total of $357 million which will be put towards various research projects.

The operation passed its $350 million goal and has resulted in the founding of two institutes, four centers, eleven endowed funds and 20 chairs. By supporting the work of globally-recognized scientists, these funds will aid with the discovery of new therapies, cures and technologies, as well as enhance the well-respected training programs.

Adam Roseman Fell in Love with China

ARC Investment Partners, Adam Roseman managing director and founder, was recently featured in the on-line German Business News Magazine Wirtschaftswoche. The July 2010 article focused primarily on the expectations Adam Roseman has for the growth and development of the Chinese economy, and the various investment opportunities that are presenting now in China.

The article mentions a bit of the history of Mr. Roseman’s involvement in Chinese investments, explaining that Adam Roseman first came to China in 2007, when a short trip turned into a serious interest. His original intention was to merely close a deal in the solar power sector, but something clicked, as Mr. Roseman explained, “I fell in love with China, its people and culture straight away.”

Adam Roseman noticed how hard people work in China, without complaining. “In the US, people make 75,000 dollars a year, working 35 hours a week. In China, they earn one tenth but work twice as long,” Mr. Roseman pointed out. What began four years ago as his Asian fund ARC China quickly became one of Adam Roseman’s main focuses, driven by his strong enthusiasm for China. Today there are several offices of ARC China in the country, including in Shanghai, Chengdu, Xiamen and Danyang.

Adam Roseman Excited by China’s Booming Economy

Signs of China’s expanding economy abound throughout the country. In Dalian, one city in the north eastern part of China,   Adam Roseman sees all the signs of an impending economic boom. Dalian is a ‘second-tier’ city bursting with potential. In a tour of the city Adam Roseman noted the recently renovated historic city-center, which overlooks the Yellow Sea coast. Adam Roseman sees stately rocks above and pristine white sands below and imagines the city as a modern coastal resort. Adam Roseman isn’t the only one to imagine such things. City planners share this vision and have planned new residences and luxury hotels, which are already under construction to create the resort of their dreams.

Despite the fact that old housing is being demolished in Dalian to make way for the new in the Dalian city center, prices for real estate are still quite low, compared to similar properties in mega cities like Shanghai and Beijing. Mr. Roseman does not expect these low prices to last forever, as he explains, “The world has not yet grasped the fact that the key developments in China are happening in the smaller towns.” Adam Roseman and ARC China are getting ready for the boom in China which is coming soon. Eventually the rest of the world will catch up.

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