Adam Roseman Spearheads New Joint Venture China Fund

shake hands black and white photoApril 13, 2010 is the date when ARC China, together with Shijiazhuang Development and Investment Co., Ltd came together at a signing ceremony marking their newly formed partnership, officially creating the Shijiazhuang-ARC Investment Fund. This fund has been established through the joining of investments totaling 44 million dollars, the equivalent of RMB 300 million.

Adam Roseman, in his capacity as CEO of ARC China, helped spearhead the creation of this groundbreaking fund, joining the Shijiazhuang Venture Capital Investment Guidance Fund, which was already established and proven successful in this area.

Movement in the establishment of similar funds has been progressing at a fast pace. Until this past year twenty new venture capital funds have been established through the untiring efforts of the NDRC and the Ministry of Finance in conjunction with Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Hunan, Anhui, Jilin and Shenzhen. The scale of these combined investment funds is reaching respectable proportions, with the expectation of 9 billion RBM seen as likely.

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