Joshua Kurtzig Joins ARC China

ARC China, the investment firm, was recently pleased to announce the appointment of Joshua Kurtzig as a Managing Director for the company. He joins over 30 professionals working throughout China as the new head of the company’s Beijing Office.

“I’m very pleased and excited to join ARC China and look forward to continuing the firm’s tradition of successful investing in China, ” Kurtzig explained. “I was particularly drawn to ARC China’s expertise and proven track record in finding, investing in, and exiting from investments in fast=growing sectors of China’s economy.”

Arc China’s Founder and Managing Director Adam Roseman stated that the company is “delighted to have Josh join ARC China. He brings a wealth of China investment experience, as well as global financial expertise, and will make a valuable addition to our team.”

Adam Roseman with NASCAR

This is a photo of Adam Roseman, CEO of ARC China, at the California Speedway in Fontana. He took part in a race as part of a day organized to help create a deal for a client.

Adam Roseman Excited by China’s Booming Economy

Signs of China’s expanding economy abound throughout the country. In Dalian, one city in the north eastern part of China,   Adam Roseman sees all the signs of an impending economic boom. Dalian is a ‘second-tier’ city bursting with potential. In a tour of the city Adam Roseman noted the recently renovated historic city-center, which overlooks the Yellow Sea coast. Adam Roseman sees stately rocks above and pristine white sands below and imagines the city as a modern coastal resort. Adam Roseman isn’t the only one to imagine such things. City planners share this vision and have planned new residences and luxury hotels, which are already under construction to create the resort of their dreams.

Despite the fact that old housing is being demolished in Dalian to make way for the new in the Dalian city center, prices for real estate are still quite low, compared to similar properties in mega cities like Shanghai and Beijing. Mr. Roseman does not expect these low prices to last forever, as he explains, “The world has not yet grasped the fact that the key developments in China are happening in the smaller towns.” Adam Roseman and ARC China are getting ready for the boom in China which is coming soon. Eventually the rest of the world will catch up.

Alternative Energy Vehicle Development in China: New Ideas Reported by Adam Roseman

In a recent newsletter, Adam Roseman of ARC China reports that China is looking into becoming one of the largest markets for renewable energy vehicles within the next 10 years.

The goal is to offer tax reductions and exemptions to encourage the development of pure electric vehicles.  Chinese officials from the NDRC, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and the Ministry of Commerce (MoFCOM) hope to have a plan to submit to the State Council after receiving feedback from relevant ministries and departments.  MIIT, according to industry experts, has already completed a 2011-2020 draft plan for the alternative fuel vehicle industry.

China’s New Economic Structure

In a bid to escalate efficiency in the face of outdated capacity, the State Council of China called on commoditized industries to establish more mergers and consolidate.  This was along the lines of the recent announcement from the Ministry of Industry & Information Technology (MIIT) to eliminate more than 2, 000 energy-intensive and polluting factories.  A deadline for this by the MIIT has been set – the end of September for factories from 18 varying industries including construction materials, textiles, dyeing, steel production and more.  Companies not complying with such instructions will not be able to get loans, government approval for new investments or access to more land.  As well, they may even lose their production license and pollution permits.  Such news is important for all those connected with China’s economy and investment (such as those at ARC China, including MD and founder Adam Roseman) since this kind of economic restructuring is set to “bring the country greater independence within the global economy as it will allow the country to increase its bargaining power for imported commodities and allow for further decoupling from the weakened traditional export markets in North America and Europe.”

ARC China & Others Offer Tips for Investing in China

The Chinese market is one that many companies, such as ARC China with Adam Roseman, are focusing on at the moment.  China has seen great growth in recent years and great potential for mutual funds and private investors.

Here are a few tips to think about before investing in Chinese funds and in the market there.  Make sure to look at the fund’s average market capitalization.  This is the average size of company held by a fund.  If you don’t want to take too many risks, avoid funds that have average market caps below $6 billion.

Make sure to consider that your investing strategy requires long term thinking.  Commit two year money to China. That will allow you to get through inevitable down times, while committing to enough time to, hopefully, see some returns.

ARC China & Its Team: Adam Roseman & More

ARC China is comprised of over 30 highly capable financial professionals.  Together with CEO and Founder Adam Roseman, these investors make public and pre-IPO private equity investments in high growth businesses in the Peoples’ Republic of China.

One of the Managing Directors at ARC China is Barry Freeman. Mr. Freeman was a Vice President at HPC Capital Management in New York, with a focus on direct investments in public companies.  After this, he was a Vice President at Knight Capital Group (NASDAQ: NITE) in New York.  As part of the Capital Markets Group, he raised growth capital for private and public companies.  While working at Knight, he focused on cross border transactions with Chinese companies and completed over $100 million in equity and equity linked transactions over a three-year period.

Cedars-Sinai Sports Spectacular: Adam Roseman

May 23, 2010 saw the 25th Anniversary of the Cedars-Sinai Sports Spectacular.  This amazing event, heralded by the L.A. Times as the premier sports award dinner in the country, is a charity event established in 1986.  Since then, this event has raised over $19 million to benefit the Cedars-Sinai Medical Genetics Institute and its life-saving work.

While benefiting the important genetic research that the Institute undertakes, the event also benefits the Sports Spectacular Fellowship Endowment, which supports the training of five research Fellows at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Many people have, over the years, served on the Steering Committee for this event including Adam Roseman, Erikk Aldridge, Dominique Alexander, Mike Altieri, Manuel Bergher and many others.  In the past, Adam Roseman has personally underwritten $50,000 for the event and has assisted with the benefit’s VIP after party.

Adam Roseman Spearheads New Joint Venture China Fund

shake hands black and white photoApril 13, 2010 is the date when ARC China, together with Shijiazhuang Development and Investment Co., Ltd came together at a signing ceremony marking their newly formed partnership, officially creating the Shijiazhuang-ARC Investment Fund. This fund has been established through the joining of investments totaling 44 million dollars, the equivalent of RMB 300 million.

Adam Roseman, in his capacity as CEO of ARC China, helped spearhead the creation of this groundbreaking fund, joining the Shijiazhuang Venture Capital Investment Guidance Fund, which was already established and proven successful in this area.

Movement in the establishment of similar funds has been progressing at a fast pace. Until this past year twenty new venture capital funds have been established through the untiring efforts of the NDRC and the Ministry of Finance in conjunction with Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Hunan, Anhui, Jilin and Shenzhen. The scale of these combined investment funds is reaching respectable proportions, with the expectation of 9 billion RBM seen as likely.

ARC China Holdings Limited Appoints New Managing Director Byron Sproule

ARC China Holdings Limited is now in expansion mode and as such they have recently appointed three new executives to the management team.  The senior executives are Michael Bruck, to the position of Chief Operating Officer; and Gordon Chin, Esq. and Byron Sproule to be the Managing Directors. ARC China Holdings Limited is a Hong Kong based investment firm which concentrates its investment strategies on China’s domestic consumption?oriented high?growth enterprises in developing Tier II and III cities. Adam Roseman is the CEO and founder of ARC China Inc., which is a subsidiary of ARC China Holdings, and is headquartered in Shanghai.

Each of the newly appointed members of the executive team brings years of experience and expertise to their new positions. Byron Sproule is uniquely qualified for his new role at ARC China. For over ten years he has advised a large variety of private and public companies in the technology and industrial sectors. He has been involved in guiding and advising companies with acquisitions, divestitures and mergers of public and private companies, leveraged buy-outs by financial sponsors, initial public offerings, and the raising of debt and equity capital. In addition, Mr. Sproule has advised public large cap companies in financial and strategic matters, and has also provided direction to a number of seed, early and growth stage private companies.

Mr. Sproule’s most recent endeavor before joining Adam Roseman and the ARC China team was as the Managing Director of an M&A advisory firm, which is heavily China-focused, Knox and Co. Before this Byron Sproule was a Senior Vice President at JP Morgan in the Technology and Banking group. He was also a senior banker at Jefferies Broadview in the Technology Investment Banking group. He also worked at Lehman Brothers for seven years in the Technology Investment Banking Group in New York, and in London within mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Sproule’s first position was at Salomon Smith Barney, where he first began his career in investment banking.

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