Gene Shows Promise in Reducing Risk of Heart Diseases

Researchers from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center have been studying a plaque-fighting gene for the past 18 years. Lab mice, bred to model clogged arteries, were recently injected with the gene. The results, as announced by Cedars-Sinai, showed that the transfer helped reduce and stabilize plaque formation, as well as decreased inflammation- two main factors in reducing the risk of heart diseases.

The apolipoprotein A-I Milano gene was discovered in 1992 in a small number of Italians, and has been studied by P.K. Shah, M.D., the director of the Division of Cardiology and the Oppenheimer Atherosclerosis Research Center, ever since. He and his co-workers presented their findings in a presentation titled “Favorable Modulation of Atherosclerosis and Monocyte Phenotype by Intravenous AAV 8 Mediated Apo A-I Milano Gene Transfer in Mice”.

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where Adam Roseman is a member of the board, is an organization which works to provide high quality healthcare as well as to conduct state-of-the-art medical research.

Discovering for Life: The Campaign for Cedars-Sinai

“Discovering for Life: The Campaign for Cedars-Sinai” is a fundraising venture of Cedars-Sinai, an organization where Adam Roseman is a member of the board. This organization works to deliver high- quality patient care, train new doctors and healthcare providers, and discover new treatments through intense research. The five-year campaign came to an end recently, with a total of $357 million which will be put towards various research projects.

The operation passed its $350 million goal and has resulted in the founding of two institutes, four centers, eleven endowed funds and 20 chairs. By supporting the work of globally-recognized scientists, these funds will aid with the discovery of new therapies, cures and technologies, as well as enhance the well-respected training programs.

China’s New Economic Structure

In a bid to escalate efficiency in the face of outdated capacity, the State Council of China called on commoditized industries to establish more mergers and consolidate.  This was along the lines of the recent announcement from the Ministry of Industry & Information Technology (MIIT) to eliminate more than 2, 000 energy-intensive and polluting factories.  A deadline for this by the MIIT has been set – the end of September for factories from 18 varying industries including construction materials, textiles, dyeing, steel production and more.  Companies not complying with such instructions will not be able to get loans, government approval for new investments or access to more land.  As well, they may even lose their production license and pollution permits.  Such news is important for all those connected with China’s economy and investment (such as those at ARC China, including MD and founder Adam Roseman) since this kind of economic restructuring is set to “bring the country greater independence within the global economy as it will allow the country to increase its bargaining power for imported commodities and allow for further decoupling from the weakened traditional export markets in North America and Europe.”

ARC China & Others Offer Tips for Investing in China

The Chinese market is one that many companies, such as ARC China with Adam Roseman, are focusing on at the moment.  China has seen great growth in recent years and great potential for mutual funds and private investors.

Here are a few tips to think about before investing in Chinese funds and in the market there.  Make sure to look at the fund’s average market capitalization.  This is the average size of company held by a fund.  If you don’t want to take too many risks, avoid funds that have average market caps below $6 billion.

Make sure to consider that your investing strategy requires long term thinking.  Commit two year money to China. That will allow you to get through inevitable down times, while committing to enough time to, hopefully, see some returns.

Adam Roseman’s Work with Stars and Stripes

Every year the Stars and Stripes Fishing, Golf & Musical Festival holds a fundraiser. Its event this year raised over $1, 800, 000.  Among other charities, it will be giving money to the Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Orange County of which Adam Roseman is on the Board.  The organization itself has grown in leaps and bounds, considering its humble beginnings.  It began as “just a small fishing tournament looking to make a difference for kids,” said its founder Dick Gebhard, who founded Stars and Stripes in 1996. “The generosity of our community continues to astound me,” he added.   Indeed, what’s wonderful is how this event has now raised more than $11 million during its 14 year history.

Adam Roseman on Financier Soros

In recent news, many financial analysts in the US are wondering where financier George Soros will next invest in China. His past investments included investing in sectors such as technology, financial services, health care and aviation, all of which were growing quickly.

Adam Roseman, founder of the Shanghai-based private equity firm ARC China, posits that Soros may invest in traditional industries like agriculture, water and infrastructure.

As Adam Roseman explains, “I would like to see him become more involved with environmentally oriented businesses in China, where he could play an important role, add substantial value and generate premium investment returns.”

Roseman – an entrepreneur in his 20s

Adam M. Roseman is extremely successful, and in fact, there are many who claim that he is successful before his time! For someone so young to be involved in global investments , and specifically venture capital investment in China.


The following article, 20 businesses run by people in their 20s, appeared in Entrepreneur. Here is an excerpt of the article. The full article is hosted on Adam M. Roseman Onine here.

The 20 include Levi Brooks & Jason Farrel, Val Kolton, Jamie Dietenhofer,  Tim Urban, Julie Novotny, Adam Roseman, Ben Goldhirsh, Mikayel Israyelyan among others.

“Call it the entrepreneurial generation. Those born in 1977 and thereafter–many of whom are in their 20s–are more interested in starting their own businesses, and at younger ages, than any previous generation.
University programs in entrepreneuralism were rare years ago, but today more than 350 colleges and universities have such programs… ”

Adam Roseman was mentioned!

ARC China Announces Partnership with Circle Focus

SHANGHAI, China, March 2009 — ARC China, Inc. (“ARC”), a merchant banking entity based in Shanghai, Chintianemansquarea, is pleased to announce a strategic cooperation with Chengdu-based Circle Focus (Sichuan) Investment Co., Ltd (“Circle Focus”).  The partnership will extend to sourcing, financing, and providing strategic advisory to fast growing companies in and around Sichuan Province.

“This partnership with Circle Focus will increase our reach within the vicinity of Sichuan Province, which we believe will be the prime beneficiary of the next wave of growth in China,”

said Adam Roseman, CEO of ARC China, Inc.

“We look forward to working together to identify and help build companies that will emerge as economic leaders in Western China for years to come.”

Circle Focus (Sichuan) Investment Co., Ltd. was established in Chengdu, Sichuan Province in 2005.  Circle Focus provides growth capital and management consulting services to a range of companies in the alternative energy, real estate, retail, media, and healthcare industries within Sichuan Province.

For additional information, please contact:

ARC China, Inc.
Bund 23
The Bank of China Building, 14/F
23 Zhongshan East No.1 Road
Shanghai 200002, P.R. China
Phone: (86-21) 6323 1717
Fax: (86-21) 6323 5228

ARC China, Inc opens Shanghai Office

Press releases regarding ARC China and Adam Roseman appear on ARC China’s website. These Press releases can also be viewed on Adam M. Roseman Online.

The Press release from July 2008
ARC China, Inc. Announces China Expansion with Opening of Shanghai Office
SHANGHAI, China, July 2008 — ARC China, Inc. (“ARC”), a merchant banking entity affiliated with Beverly Hills, California-based ARC China Investment Partners, LLC, is pleased to announce its further expansion into China with a newly-opened China headquarters office in Shanghai and the hiring of additional staff focused on deal sourcing, on-the-ground due diligence and providing support for its existing portfolio companies. ARC China’s Shanghai offices are located at 23 Bund in The Bank of China Building and its China team now consists of approximately one dozen staff in Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu.
“We strongly believe in the continued robust growth and investment opportunity in China and
therefore felt it was necessary to allocate additional resources to increase our local presence to
aid in the diligence process of our transactions and provide increased support to our existing
portfolio companies. We have completed a handful of transactions in our first year of focus on
the China market and see our transaction pipeline consistently increasing over the coming
years.” said Adam Roseman, CEO of ARC Investment Partners, LLC.

Adam Roseman: Trust a Key Component of Investment Adviser’s Portfolio

from the Los Angeles Business Journal on the Web…
Trust a Key Component of Investment Adviser’s Portfolio
Special Report: Entrepreneurs in Their 20s
By HOWARD FINE Los Angeles Business Journal Staff

When local investment firm founder Adam Roseman walks into a room of potential investors or clients, he exudes such an air of maturity and mastery in the world of investing that people are “genuinely shocked” to realize that he’s under 30 years old.

At 29, Roseman has an impressive resumé: He joined local investment powerhouse Barrington Associates at just 23 years old and in less than three years built up a clientele sufficient enough that he was able to realize a lifelong dream of starting his own business.

Ten months later, in August 2005, Roseman opened the doors of ArcInvestment Partners, a private investment firm in the heart of Beverly Hills specializing in providing bridge financing to companies looking to go public. With funding from three wealthy families placed by their investment advisers, his firm now holds stakes totaling more than $10 million in various companies, and he has brought millions more in total financing to these companies.

But that’s not all. Roseman is an unusually active power player in the non-profit and political worlds. He’s the youngest board member at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and the youngest board member of Big Brothers/Big Sisters Los Angeles. And he’s on the national finance committee for U.S. Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“I want to know that I make a difference,” Roseman said of his service on these boards and his political activism.

But his first loves are entrepreneurship and investing. He dreamed of being his own boss ever since he was a child growing up with a single mother, who is a substitute teacher.

Roseman started in the investment business at Lehman Bros. in San Francisco before deciding to move to Los Angeles to join Barrington. Even at that stage, he said he “wanted to learn finance enough, build a skill set and develop enough of a network to strike out on my own.”

When he finally decided to make his move, it was a bit scary. “The most challenging part was leaning on important relationships, convincing them to support me at such a young age in starting my own business.

“In my line of work, sometimes people initially don’t take me as seriously as they would someone older. That’s why I have to prove myself and establish credibility. And the only way you can do this is through performance.”

One of those he convinced was Ken Rickel, a principal in Liongate Capital, a private investment group. They met on a deal when Roseman was at Barrington and Rickel was immediately impressed. “He was young, but aggressive. He really knew what he was doing, way above what I was used to for a person that age.”
When Roseman went out on his own about a year later, “we decided to invest in him,” Rickel said.

Another company that ArcInvestment Partners has helped fund is Cyber Defender Corp., which supplies Internet security software for consumers. Chairman and Chief Executive Gary Guseinov said of Roseman: “He comes across as much older than what he actually is because he’s so accomplished. Most people are kind of shocked when they hear how old he is.” Guseinov said Cyber Defender is in the midst of attempting to go public and called the $4.5 million from ArcInvestment Partners a crucial step in that effort.