Cedars-Sinai Sports Spectacular: Adam Roseman

May 23, 2010 saw the 25th Anniversary of the Cedars-Sinai Sports Spectacular.  This amazing event, heralded by the L.A. Times as the premier sports award dinner in the country, is a charity event established in 1986.  Since then, this event has raised over $19 million to benefit the Cedars-Sinai Medical Genetics Institute and its life-saving work.

While benefiting the important genetic research that the Institute undertakes, the event also benefits the Sports Spectacular Fellowship Endowment, which supports the training of five research Fellows at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Many people have, over the years, served on the Steering Committee for this event including Adam Roseman, Erikk Aldridge, Dominique Alexander, Mike Altieri, Manuel Bergher and many others.  In the past, Adam Roseman has personally underwritten $50,000 for the event and has assisted with the benefit’s VIP after party.

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