Adam Roseman Optimistic About Chinese Economy

Adam Roseman of ARC Investment Partners sees good news in the continuing strong showing in the mergers and acquisitions sector of the Chinese marketplace. Overseas investors are seeing a great potential in the natural resources industry, which is the main industry which overseas investors are supporting as the M&A market continues to show robust activity. During the first half of 2010 not less than fourteen deals were signed in the natural resources sector, including the largest deal, Sinopec’s acquisition of 9% in Synacrude, worth about 4.7 billion dollars. Another example of a larger M&A deal which is driving the success of this industry was the investment China Investment Corporation made in PennWest Energy, valued at a total of 1.2 billion dollars.

Alternative Energy Vehicle Development in China: New Ideas Reported by Adam Roseman

In a recent newsletter, Adam Roseman of ARC China reports that China is looking into becoming one of the largest markets for renewable energy vehicles within the next 10 years.

The goal is to offer tax reductions and exemptions to encourage the development of pure electric vehicles.  Chinese officials from the NDRC, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and the Ministry of Commerce (MoFCOM) hope to have a plan to submit to the State Council after receiving feedback from relevant ministries and departments.  MIIT, according to industry experts, has already completed a 2011-2020 draft plan for the alternative fuel vehicle industry.

China’s New Economic Structure

In a bid to escalate efficiency in the face of outdated capacity, the State Council of China called on commoditized industries to establish more mergers and consolidate.  This was along the lines of the recent announcement from the Ministry of Industry & Information Technology (MIIT) to eliminate more than 2, 000 energy-intensive and polluting factories.  A deadline for this by the MIIT has been set – the end of September for factories from 18 varying industries including construction materials, textiles, dyeing, steel production and more.  Companies not complying with such instructions will not be able to get loans, government approval for new investments or access to more land.  As well, they may even lose their production license and pollution permits.  Such news is important for all those connected with China’s economy and investment (such as those at ARC China, including MD and founder Adam Roseman) since this kind of economic restructuring is set to “bring the country greater independence within the global economy as it will allow the country to increase its bargaining power for imported commodities and allow for further decoupling from the weakened traditional export markets in North America and Europe.”

ARC China & Others Offer Tips for Investing in China

The Chinese market is one that many companies, such as ARC China with Adam Roseman, are focusing on at the moment.  China has seen great growth in recent years and great potential for mutual funds and private investors.

Here are a few tips to think about before investing in Chinese funds and in the market there.  Make sure to look at the fund’s average market capitalization.  This is the average size of company held by a fund.  If you don’t want to take too many risks, avoid funds that have average market caps below $6 billion.

Make sure to consider that your investing strategy requires long term thinking.  Commit two year money to China. That will allow you to get through inevitable down times, while committing to enough time to, hopefully, see some returns.

Orange County Chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth

Adam Roseman, who serves on the Board of Directors and is the Co-chairman of the Marketing Committee at the Orange County Chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth.  The committee is currently organizing a fun event – the ACG OC Beer academy – where attendants will get to learn all everything they wanted to know about beer and more. Alex Puchner of BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse, SVP of Brewing Operations will be leading behind-the-scenes brewery tours.  There will also be beer tasting, pizza and appetizers to make this an overall fun and enjoyable evening with a difference.

Adam Roseman’s Work with Stars and Stripes

Every year the Stars and Stripes Fishing, Golf & Musical Festival holds a fundraiser. Its event this year raised over $1, 800, 000.  Among other charities, it will be giving money to the Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Orange County of which Adam Roseman is on the Board.  The organization itself has grown in leaps and bounds, considering its humble beginnings.  It began as “just a small fishing tournament looking to make a difference for kids,” said its founder Dick Gebhard, who founded Stars and Stripes in 1996. “The generosity of our community continues to astound me,” he added.   Indeed, what’s wonderful is how this event has now raised more than $11 million during its 14 year history.

The Guild Supports Big Brothers of Los Angeles

big brothers logoThe Guild of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles is an organization that is dedicated to raising funds for the famous mentoring organization. Founded in 1986, the Guild has already raised more than 8 million dollars for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles since the Guild’s inception. The annual luncheon, held on April 27, 2010 honored such notables as Joni Eichenbaum Berry, who is the president of the Eichenbaum Foundation, an organization which has helped countless people through its philanthropic work. The Comedian Norm Crosby presented Ms. Berry with the Sterling Award which honors those whose work has helped those in need.

Sitting on the Board of Trustees of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles and the Inland Empire is Adam Roseman, CEO and founder of ARC China.

Adam Roseman Trustee of Big Brothers

big sisters playingLast April the Guild of Big Brothers Big Sisters presented its annual luncheon in support of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles and the Inland Empire. The luncheon, which took place at the Beverly Hills Hotel, featured high fashion clothing and accessories from the upscale store Neiman Marcus.

Before the luncheon a boutique sale was held showcasing the high-end wares of a large variety of retailers, spas, salons and jewelers which were donated and whose sale will be donated to the cause of Big Brothers Big Sisters. Also on hand was an Accessories Boutique in which a portion of the sales will also be donated to Big Brothers of Los Angeles.

Among the many stars participating in this event were Jackie Collins and Joanna Poitier, who acted as honorary Chairs, and Laura Lizer the financial management expert and the philanthropist Joni Berry, who were honored at the luncheon.

Adam Roseman serves on the Board of Trustees of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles and the Inland Empire.

Spring Luncheon Benefits Big Brothers of Los Angeles

big brothers holding handsOne of the main annual fundraising events on behalf of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles took place on April 27, 2010 at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Sponsored by the Guild of Big Brothers Big Sisters, the event, Accessories for Success Spring Luncheon and Fashion Show exhibited the latest fashions from Neiman Marcus. On hand was a large selection of well-known personalities from the business and entertainment world.

Adam Roseman, CEO of ARC China, is also highly active in the organization of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles and the Inland Empire, and serves on the Board of Trustees for them.

ARC China & Its Team: Adam Roseman & More

ARC China is comprised of over 30 highly capable financial professionals.  Together with CEO and Founder Adam Roseman, these investors make public and pre-IPO private equity investments in high growth businesses in the Peoples’ Republic of China.

One of the Managing Directors at ARC China is Barry Freeman. Mr. Freeman was a Vice President at HPC Capital Management in New York, with a focus on direct investments in public companies.  After this, he was a Vice President at Knight Capital Group (NASDAQ: NITE) in New York.  As part of the Capital Markets Group, he raised growth capital for private and public companies.  While working at Knight, he focused on cross border transactions with Chinese companies and completed over $100 million in equity and equity linked transactions over a three-year period.

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