Roseman – an entrepreneur in his 20s

Adam M. Roseman is extremely successful, and in fact, there are many who claim that he is successful before his time! For someone so young to be involved in global investments , and specifically venture capital investment in China.


The following article, 20 businesses run by people in their 20s, appeared in Entrepreneur. Here is an excerpt of the article. The full article is hosted on Adam M. Roseman Onine here.

The 20 include Levi Brooks & Jason Farrel, Val Kolton, Jamie Dietenhofer,  Tim Urban, Julie Novotny, Adam Roseman, Ben Goldhirsh, Mikayel Israyelyan among others.

“Call it the entrepreneurial generation. Those born in 1977 and thereafter–many of whom are in their 20s–are more interested in starting their own businesses, and at younger ages, than any previous generation.
University programs in entrepreneuralism were rare years ago, but today more than 350 colleges and universities have such programs… ”

Adam Roseman was mentioned!

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