The Guild Supports Big Brothers of Los Angeles

big brothers logoThe Guild of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles is an organization that is dedicated to raising funds for the famous mentoring organization. Founded in 1986, the Guild has already raised more than 8 million dollars for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles since the Guild’s inception. The annual luncheon, held on April 27, 2010 honored such notables as Joni Eichenbaum Berry, who is the president of the Eichenbaum Foundation, an organization which has helped countless people through its philanthropic work. The Comedian Norm Crosby presented Ms. Berry with the Sterling Award which honors those whose work has helped those in need.

Sitting on the Board of Trustees of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles and the Inland Empire is Adam Roseman, CEO and founder of ARC China.

Adam Roseman Trustee of Big Brothers

big sisters playingLast April the Guild of Big Brothers Big Sisters presented its annual luncheon in support of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles and the Inland Empire. The luncheon, which took place at the Beverly Hills Hotel, featured high fashion clothing and accessories from the upscale store Neiman Marcus.

Before the luncheon a boutique sale was held showcasing the high-end wares of a large variety of retailers, spas, salons and jewelers which were donated and whose sale will be donated to the cause of Big Brothers Big Sisters. Also on hand was an Accessories Boutique in which a portion of the sales will also be donated to Big Brothers of Los Angeles.

Among the many stars participating in this event were Jackie Collins and Joanna Poitier, who acted as honorary Chairs, and Laura Lizer the financial management expert and the philanthropist Joni Berry, who were honored at the luncheon.

Adam Roseman serves on the Board of Trustees of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles and the Inland Empire.

Spring Luncheon Benefits Big Brothers of Los Angeles

big brothers holding handsOne of the main annual fundraising events on behalf of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles took place on April 27, 2010 at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Sponsored by the Guild of Big Brothers Big Sisters, the event, Accessories for Success Spring Luncheon and Fashion Show exhibited the latest fashions from Neiman Marcus. On hand was a large selection of well-known personalities from the business and entertainment world.

Adam Roseman, CEO of ARC China, is also highly active in the organization of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles and the Inland Empire, and serves on the Board of Trustees for them.

Adam Roseman: Trust a Key Component of Investment Adviser’s Portfolio

from the Los Angeles Business Journal on the Web…
Trust a Key Component of Investment Adviser’s Portfolio
Special Report: Entrepreneurs in Their 20s
By HOWARD FINE Los Angeles Business Journal Staff

When local investment firm founder Adam Roseman walks into a room of potential investors or clients, he exudes such an air of maturity and mastery in the world of investing that people are “genuinely shocked” to realize that he’s under 30 years old.

At 29, Roseman has an impressive resumé: He joined local investment powerhouse Barrington Associates at just 23 years old and in less than three years built up a clientele sufficient enough that he was able to realize a lifelong dream of starting his own business.

Ten months later, in August 2005, Roseman opened the doors of ArcInvestment Partners, a private investment firm in the heart of Beverly Hills specializing in providing bridge financing to companies looking to go public. With funding from three wealthy families placed by their investment advisers, his firm now holds stakes totaling more than $10 million in various companies, and he has brought millions more in total financing to these companies.

But that’s not all. Roseman is an unusually active power player in the non-profit and political worlds. He’s the youngest board member at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and the youngest board member of Big Brothers/Big Sisters Los Angeles. And he’s on the national finance committee for U.S. Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“I want to know that I make a difference,” Roseman said of his service on these boards and his political activism.

But his first loves are entrepreneurship and investing. He dreamed of being his own boss ever since he was a child growing up with a single mother, who is a substitute teacher.

Roseman started in the investment business at Lehman Bros. in San Francisco before deciding to move to Los Angeles to join Barrington. Even at that stage, he said he “wanted to learn finance enough, build a skill set and develop enough of a network to strike out on my own.”

When he finally decided to make his move, it was a bit scary. “The most challenging part was leaning on important relationships, convincing them to support me at such a young age in starting my own business.

“In my line of work, sometimes people initially don’t take me as seriously as they would someone older. That’s why I have to prove myself and establish credibility. And the only way you can do this is through performance.”

One of those he convinced was Ken Rickel, a principal in Liongate Capital, a private investment group. They met on a deal when Roseman was at Barrington and Rickel was immediately impressed. “He was young, but aggressive. He really knew what he was doing, way above what I was used to for a person that age.”
When Roseman went out on his own about a year later, “we decided to invest in him,” Rickel said.

Another company that ArcInvestment Partners has helped fund is Cyber Defender Corp., which supplies Internet security software for consumers. Chairman and Chief Executive Gary Guseinov said of Roseman: “He comes across as much older than what he actually is because he’s so accomplished. Most people are kind of shocked when they hear how old he is.” Guseinov said Cyber Defender is in the midst of attempting to go public and called the $4.5 million from ArcInvestment Partners a crucial step in that effort.

Adam Roseman Chairs All-Star Charity Weekend

Adam Roseman, CEO of la_stars_charity-04_1ARC China, Inc. is known almost as well for his commitment to successful, profitable partnerships with domestic Chinese companies as for his commitment to philanthropy through his active involvement in various charitable organizations.

Roseman served as Chairman of the Host Committee for the 2008 LA Stars Celebrity All-Star Charity Weekend.  The weekend is dedicated to raising funds for LA Stars, a charitable organization focused on developing programs to improve communities, access to opportunities, and the lives of at-risk youth and their families in Los Angeles.  Roseman raised a considerable amount of money for the LA Stars organization through private donations and corporate sponsorships while reaching out to promote the weekend’s events to the greater community.

Roseman also sits on the Board of Trustees for Big Brothers Big Sisters Los Angeles, a position which he holds close to his heart.  Having been involved in Big Brothers Big Sisters (“BBBS”) as a “Little Brother” during his formative years, Roseman now gives back to the organization in a big way.  Ever the creative thinker, he thrives on bridging the gap between charities which he is passionate about in order to donate time and efforts to multiple causes contemporaneously.

The LA Stars Celebrity All-Star Charity Weekend, hosted by NBA All-Stars Paul Pierce and Baron Davis, culminated with the widely anticipated NBA All-Star Basketball Games, featuring a full roster of celebrity and professional sports stars.  Tapping into his resources through his ongoing work with BBBS, Roseman organized a contest for youngsters in BBBS to earn the chance at becoming “Ball Kids” for the basketball games and gave four children many memories to treasure for a lifetime.

“My work with charitable organizations is an extremely important part of my life and always has been.  I enjoy giving back in whatever ways I can to enrich the lives of those less fortunate and arm them with the tools necessary to realize their dreams,” said Roseman.